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Thimble for a Small Finger

my Lacis brass thimble

After attempting to make do with too-big inherited thimbles, I finally have one that fits. 13 mm was harder to find than medium sizes, so I bought online. (For anyone else in need of a small tailor’s thimble, there’s also an Osborne #5 that’s 13 mm. I haven’t seen smaller.)

Lacis thimble sizes are listed by the diameter of the inside at the base. I wrapped a strip of paper around my middle Continue reading Thimble for a Small Finger


My Mother’s Thread

My aunt mailed a present along with Christmas gifts — this box of DMC threads that was my mother’s. Mom brought clarity and order to everything she set her hand to. Possibly the closest I’ve ever come to that is neat handwriting on occasion, but this organized collection is so her, and it reminds me of growing up with her working on various counted cross stitch projects. She let me get kids’ kits and work alongside her, but I always lost count, and I don’t think I ever finished one.

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