My Mother’s Thread

My aunt mailed a present along with Christmas gifts — this box of DMC threads that was my mother’s. Mom brought clarity and order to everything she set her hand to. Possibly the closest I’ve ever come to that is neat handwriting on occasion, but this organized collection is so her, and it reminds me of growing up with her working on various counted cross stitch projects. She let me get kids’ kits and work alongside her, but I always lost count, and I don’t think I ever finished one.


Part of  one of mom’s projects:


This year I’ve taken up hand embroidery with designs I find various places and trace onto water soluble stabilizer (like the little waves I’m working on below). It’s almost the antithesis of the counted cross stitch designs mom would painstakingly chart. I just kind of wing it for fun with an eye toward eventually adding small motifs or borders to clothes I make. But despite the different ways we’ve approached hand stitching, I know she’d be pleased that I’m so happy to have her thread collection.




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    1. Thank you. I like putting them to use again. (And now that I suddenly have a lot more colors I can pull from, I just went through library books on long and short stitch painting with multiple shades of one color, and I’d like to incorporate that next time.)


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