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Gussets Galore

gusset_jacque_in_colorGussets were mentioned on a recent episode of the Great British Sewing Bee, and since I haven’t sewn one, I paused to grab a few books. (Any excuse to crack open old sewing books.)

Construction methods were varied with outright contradictions about when to hand sew and when to machine sew, how to reinforce, and whether and when topstitching is okay. I’ve scanned some in for comparison…



1 Evelyn Mansfield
Clothing Construction (1953)
Diagram to show whether a gusset is needed for a kimono sleeve. Instructions on prep and Continue reading Gussets Galore


Muslins for Men’s Coat V8940

V8940_BI’m working on Vogue 8940, which is the first thing besides boxers I’ve made for my OH. After 2 1/2 test garments, I think I have the last fitting issue sorted, and am waiting for him to wake so I can pounce and (after his coffee; I’m not a monster) have him try it on yet again.

I’m not over-fitting; I’m just new to both menswear and coats. I definitely like the reduced stress of getting a muslin to the point where I’m happy with it before I cut fashion fabric.

Assuming all is well, I’ll move on to doing more with understructure than the pattern includes. I still have a couple of months before his birthday (by which time it will be cold here), but I’m pretty slow, so may be late…

Over the past couple of months I’ve referred to several books, including The Complete Continue reading Muslins for Men’s Coat V8940