About Me

jess_walkaway_2015Hello!   I like both modern and vintage clothes, and many of my favorite sewing books are older. Hand embroidery is an interest I hope to work into garments, and I’m taking baby steps into learning some tailoring skills.

Lately I’ve been doing more hand basting and sewing on some parts of construction, and the pace at which I turn out completed garments Is pretty glacial. But I’m sewing almost every day.

I’m lucky to have second hand machines I enjoy: a Bernina 1020 and a 130. I also have the Featherweight my parents gave me in ’87.

I love working with cotton. I’m vegan, so most fabrics I use are plant derived, and the rest are synthetic.

I’ve been sewing much more since 2015 and am enjoying reading about the sewing adventures of others!

New Zealand

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there I have a Bernini 1020 and have had it for about 30 years! And I’m in Welly. I lost the manual ages ago and can’t afford to supplement the basic collection of presser feet that came with it so just make do with those. I’m trying to decide whether to buy a walking foot so I can topstitch onto stretch denim without it stretching out.


    1. Hi, Violet! Nice to meet another kiwi who sews. I love my Bernina walking foot, but I’ve never sewn denim, much less stretch denim, so couldn’t say for sure how much help it would be with that. (I’m working with corduroy at the moment, and the walking foot is a huge help keeping that lined up.) Sorry, I asked around, but didn’t get a reply re denim, so I’m no help. I did follow your blog, though! :)


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