Easy, Casual Knit Top (Vogue 8877)


Just in time for spring, I’ve made a cool weather shirt. That’s alright; we always have some damp, chilly weather again before Christmas. This was straight forward and super easy, so not a ton to say about it, but after the Craftsy cramming fest that was October Free Pass and then some back trouble, I’m glad to finish a project!

Vogue 8877 View C — Loose fitting, pullover top with dropped shoulders. So loose fitting, in fact, that since I was using knit, I made a small, despite the size chart indicating a medium, and still had plenty of room. In fact, I tapered the sleeves down to an extra small at the wrist.

Incredibly easy to make, and the instructions were fine.

Fabrics: Maggy London Fog City Gray medium weight ponte knit, and a lightweight looser weave knit endcut, both from Smuggler’s Daughter with discounts for the endcut and  having reviewed the shop at pr.


For petite (5′ 2″), as usual I shortened the sleeves and shortened the front and back between neck and bust, where I needed it (instead of at the pattern’s waist level line). Shortening the top pieces meant I had to make alterations to the top of the drop sleeve to match.

I had a bit of trouble keeping the underarm neat. Either I made a mistake in the alterations above (entirely possible), the pattern is a little wonky, or it was the two different fabrics meeting, but I eventually gave up on machine basting and ended up hand sewing about 4″ where the top of the sleeves met the side seams. That was a cinch, and I had no more troubles.

I also hand sewed the hem. I started with it turned under, but decided I liked the back of the fabric where it naturally rolled up, so I just ended up tacking it to keep the raw edge from unrolling and looking ragged.

It’s very comfortable! I wouldn’t mind making a fleecy one for winter. If I do make it again, I’ll narrow the back between underbust and high hip, where it’s baggier than anywhere else, as you can see in the photo above.